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Are you studying for IELTS
Are you studying for IELTSBy Hyelin Lim, 2023-11-22 06:41

Are you studying for IELTS? Then meet Huyen, the IELTS trainer! She says that she has great experience on Episoden. Visit her website and study for your test! Q. How was your experience with Episoden? A. I had a really good time with Episoden. What I liked most about Episoden was the Host room where the Host helped us understand how the platform worked and she made sure it was safe for all of us. It rarely happens on other video conversation platforms and my students often had issues with inappropriate questions and absurd behaviors. Q. Introduce yourself as a teacher - How did you start your teaching journey? How long have you been teaching English? What is your teaching style? A. I started teaching English about 15 years ago when I was in college, and IELTS about 8 years ago. At first, it was a means to earn some extra income for me but after sometimes teaching, I couldn't see myself doing anything else. This job then became my full-time job as I loved my students and my students really enjoyed my teaching. In 2016, I decided to to go Poland to do a Master's in International Relations because I thought I wanted to become a journalist (because I do love writing and doing research). This is when I started to teach IELTS online. When I graduated, I had completely fallen in love with teaching IELTS so I decided to become a full-time IELTS trainer. In my training, I focus on individualism. I believe that different people need different approaches to reach their targets. I do not believe in spending a very long time, such as a year to two years, to prepare for just one exam. I guide all my clients to set achievable goals and provide them with pathways to reach their goals as quickly as possible at the lowest cost. Everything I do for my clients is customized and them-centered. Q. Introduce what you can offer to IELTS learners - your lessons, your website A. Last year, I invested in a website that provides free IELTS Practice Tests www.practice9.co and it has been a blast. All the practice tests are free to do and they will always be free. I provide 1-1 Consultation Calls which allow clients to have customized consultations on their IELTS practice. After the calls, I also create a customized study plan based on the client's profile. I also have 1-1 classes which can be taken if clients find some particular areas challenging and need guidance on those aspects. On top of that, I am very proud to say that I have the best IELTS Evaluation Services in the market to help self-studying clients with professional guidance at the most affordable costs and the most comprehensive guide to self-study for IELTS. Everything is available on www.practice9.co. Q. What makes your services different? A. I believe that in the pool of IELTS trainers, what makes me different is that I really care about my clients and their progress. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them succeed and get the band score they need. I strongly disagree with trainers who gatekeep just to make the study process longer, hence more profitable. I believe in efficiency and reliability. My motto is that you can achieve your desired band score right from the first attempt if you stay focused with me. I am also a very outspoken and realistic person. I believe in honesty so even though clients won't hear a lot of promises for a quick result from me, they can be confident that I am always honest with them. I am proud to say that my services are designed for each individual who is struggling with IELTS. I don't mind going the extra mile to help my clients understand the topics better. Oftentimes, when I find my clients making the same mistakes over and over again, I make individual and customized videos to explain to them what they need to do to avoid the mistakes. Q. What makes your websites different? A. Practice9 is not only a practice test provider, it is a social platform. You can interact with other IELTS learners and share your journey with them. You can also find a study partner if that is what you need to stay motivated for this journey. You can also start your own forum to discuss your struggles with others. Every forum and group is monitored carefully by a team of developers and supports. We want to make sure this is a platform for IELTS and nothing else. The platform is completely safe and healthy. We do not tolerate any inappropriate behavior. Q. What do you think is the fastest way to get a high score on IELTS? A. I do not believe in the concept of "a high score". To me, there are groups of scores, the score you want and the score you need. And, I focus on the score you need. I believe that your English capability is beyond what IELTS can measure. IELTS is a tool to help you move forward with the plan for your future but it is not the key feature of your plan. I believe that everyone should get the score they NEED and then move on, instead of looking at the score they want.

Meet a YouTuber on Episoden, Andreza!
Meet a YouTuber on Episoden, Andreza!By Hyelin Lim, 2023-10-12 05:15

Did you know that a famous YouTuber is on Episoden? Yes, there is! Meet Andreza from Brazil. Andreza has a passionate heart about traveling and languages from her experience in Europe as an au pair. She is helping those in Brazil who want to go abroad, yet do not know how to. In terms of connecting people with a bigger world, Episoden and Andreza share something in common. Visit her YouTube channel (<a href="https://www.youtube.com/@AndrezaNareal" style="color:#9B51E0;" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/@AndrezaNareal</a>)! Hear her inspirational stories about how to go abroad and broaden your horizons. Q. What was your initial motivation to go abroad? A. I was always curious about the countries and places I had never been to. That’s why I was dreaming about seeing and experiencing new countries and cultures by myself. And I'm just happy that I took the chance. While traveling. I asked myself. 'Why didn't I do it earlier?' But I also believe that everything happens on time. Q. Tell me the most memorable moment during your stay as an au pair. A. Oh, it’s hard to say. As I love simple things, experiencing the summer with the day finishing around 9 p.m. was AMAZING. I can even close my eyes and see the sunset with all the colors and the birds flying around. And of course, all the countries I visited, all the new foods I tried, and all the amazing people I met were memorable. Q. Where would you spend all your time if you could? A. For now, I don’t have an answer for that. I always want to be around my loved ones. About places, I feel like I’m still on my journey to find where I want to build a home. Q. What’s the interesting thing happening in your life lately? A. To be part of other women's journeys. In the mentor where I guide them to create their journey as an au pair in Europe, the most amazing thing is to hear their stories and see them flying to new adventures. Also, it's great to be back in Brazil, to be able to visit many beautiful places and to learn more about my culture. Q. Where do you picture yourself in 5 years? A. I picture myself in a beautiful place. I would spend a great time with my family and be full of cool adventure stories to tell my kids. The rest of the plan is for 5 years, let's keep it a secret. Q. Anything you would like to say to the world through this chance to be on the Episoden website? A. Take the risk. Challenge yourself. If you ever get afraid, just keep going. The most amazing things in this life happen to those who are brave enough to take the risk and say yes to the unknown. Most of the time, the unknown is just awesome.

Episoden User Story: Meet Nikita from Russia
Episoden User Story: Meet Nikita from RussiaBy Hyelin Lim, 2023-08-21 01:36

Meet one of our kind users, Nikita from Russia! He will surprise you with a mature personality and mindful attitude. Join Episoden today and find out about the culture and foods of Russia! Q. Introduce yourself to our Episoden friends. (Name, nationality, what you do) A. Helloo everyone, my name is Nikita and from Yakutia - it's a very big and cold region in Russia. Yakutia is larger than France 7 times! Also, we have an extremely cold winter, with an average temperature of -45 degrees! And we have our language, culture, and of course delicious national foods! I just graduated from high school and I will go to university 2 months later. I want to study African Studies. And I am very interested in photography, especially nature pictures. Q. What are you up to lately? A. Actually, I'm on holiday right now, but I am trying to improve my English, especially in preparation for IELTS. I try to be closer to nature because it's healthy for my mental and physical health. In nature, I have time to refresh my mind and calm down. Q. What is your final goal in your life? A. To visit 100 countries! I am interested in other cultures, languages, and people. I respect and appreciate all kinds of religions, cultures, and people. By the way, I have one small, but important goal. I want to congratulate people on their birthday every day because I am very happy when others are happy. Q. Tell me how long you have been joining Episoden, and how many hours you spend on Episoden a day. A. I accidentally, but fortunately, found Episoden in March and since then I talk with very kind people every week. Q. What do you like about Episoden? A. I appreciate Episoden because it's free, but the main advantage of Episoden is the people! Hosts, developers, the Episoden team in general, and the users who make it wonderful! Thank you, everyone! Q. What changed after you joined Episoden? A. Thanks to Episoden I met a lot of kind people who make my day better. I found out a lot about other cultures and countries. I am thankful to Episoden because I become more confident in conversations in English and improved my vocabulary. Q. Tell me about memorable people you met on Episoden. Why are they memorable? A. The most memorable person was Tsuneaki Miyahara, who is 77 years old! I was very impressed by his enthusiasm and interest in English even at that age! Also, I want to mention my good friends Fumiko Tominaga and Russel Olayres with whom I communicate very often. I enjoy the conversation with them! Q. Tell things you want to tell the Episoden team! A. In conclusion, I want to say that be more kind and compassionate, so our world would be a better place! I want to say special thanks to all Episoden team. I am sure that you are doing hard work.

Episoden Host Story #7: Merel
Episoden Host Story #7: MerelBy Hyelin Lim, 2023-08-11 01:39

1. How would you describe yourself in three words, and why? Optimistic, jolly, and amiable. Optimistic - I consistently see the positive sides of everything in my life. I believe that everything happens for a valid reason, whether it’s a good or bad one. Jolly - People who know me often see me as a cheerful and happy-go-lucky person, not to mention that I’m the joker in our circle of friends. I love sharing my smile and laugh with everyone. Amiable - I always have the spirit of being friendly and adaptable. All I want in life is peace; no arguments are needed. I easily adapt to new people. 2. How long have you hosted, and what made you join the team? I’ve been hosting on Episoden since April 22, 2023. The concept of hosting itself made me join the team. When I learned that I would get to meet new people from different countries around the world by being a host, I told myself that this might be a stepping stone for me to get out of my comfort zone. It helps me to be more natural and confident when talking with people in English. 3. What is the best thing about Episoden, compared to other platforms? The best thing about Episoden is, of course, the host room. The host room is the key to every peaceful and joyful conversation. It is where the users uplift their energy. It is where the users gather and see each other for the first time. It is where every user’s confidence is boosted by the lovely hosts. I believe that Episoden hosts are a big help especially for the new ones to understand the system of Episoden. That’s one of the competitive advantages of Episoden compared to other platforms. 4. Who is the most memorable user and why? Within 4 months of hosting in Episoden, I’ve met a lot of adorable users who became memorable for me. First is Daniel Cruz from Brazil. When I first met him, I was surprised because we have the same last name. We consider each other as long-distance cousins. That’s what makes him memorable for me. (haha) Second is Miyamoto Akiyoshi from Japan. Whenever he sees me in the host room, he always greets everybody with cheerful energy and the smile on his face is endless. Third is Dwayne Hearn from the USA because everybody can learn from him not only about English but also life. For instance, he told me that it is better to use the phrase “I prefer not to” instead of “I don’t like to”. He has a very positive mindset and attitude and I hope I can meet more people like him. Some other users who are memorable for me are Fumiko Tominaga, Shila Jeon, Anna Hsu, Jonghyeon Kim, Min Khant Tun, Li Jian Jun, Chen Yingyi, Leonardo Batista, Kozo Yama, Shih Hua Chiu, Sachin M, Gohul Bath, Aryan Patel, Arsen A, Russel Olayres, Steven Chau, Taka Taka, Mike Mike, and many more users. 5. Tell us a random trivia about yourself. I love Math more than English. I love Korean and Japanese foods. I can eat 5-10 servings of Korean barbecue at a Samgyupsal buffet restaurant; I know it’s unhealthy but it’s really good. I can’t get enough of it. Lastly, I prefer not to eat curry.

Episoden Host Stoy #6: Daniel
Episoden Host Stoy #6: DanielBy Hyelin Lim, 2023-08-08 09:02

Would you like to know if there is anyone on Episoden who can help you when you experience problems? Would you like to know if there is anyone on Episoden who can keep you company and help you get confident in English? Yes, there is! Episoden hosts are those in the host room, who assist the users and keep them good company. Meet one of the hosts, Daniel! He has a passionate Brazilian heart! I love his kindness and genuine care for others. He is a talented artist also! 1. How would you describe yourself in three words and why? Honest, Dedicated, and Curious I always had good personal values thanks to the upbringing my mother gave me. Honesty is at my core. I learned early in life that I need to dedicate myself to achieving my goals. Curiosity is also a part of my personality because I want to learn every day. I have been curious and learning new things all my life. I think it helps me learn and grow. 2. How long have you hosted and what made you join the team? I've been working at Episoden for 5 months. What made me want to join the team was my 2 years of experience on Episodeon. When I joined Episoden as a user, it was my first time talking to a foreigner in my life. The first partner I met was a kind gentleman from Japan. He treated me very well even though I was a little nervous. He helped me feel comfortable and welcomed, so I decided to keep using it and never stopped. After using Episoden for a long time, I decided to apply for the host because I was enjoying all my conversations with nice people every day. I have always loved the English language my whole life, so I started thinking that it would be nice to be a part of Episoden. Now I am here, living the dream! 3. What is the best thing about Episoden, compared to other platforms? Episoden is the best platform I've seen so far. There's nothing that can be compared to it. I can say this to you with 100% certainty because I have researched other online platforms to make international friends and exchange cultures just like you probably did! But they were not safe like Episoden. On Episoden, we can count on each other to have good chats and fun together. The best thing about Episoden is the people who join every day. They make our day brighter. I hope that one day everyone gets to know Episoden and participate. 4. When was the most memorable moment when hosting? One day I was talking about hobbies with users. And a user from Japan decided to play guitar for me and other users! He even sang some songs. It was cool! 5. Who is the most memorable user and why? I'm going to choose the first friend I made on Episoden a long time ago. She continues to be a part of my life today, even though we live in different countries! She is from China. We just clicked from the first time we spoke. We are good friends still! I'm so grateful for her and Episoden. Episoden made that connection between Brazil and China real and priceless. 6. Tell us a random trivia about yourself. I'm good at art. When I was a kid, I used to spend a lot of time drawing characters from my favorite cartoons, portraits, and stuff. I think it's a good hobby because it helps you connect with yourself and express your feelings with images.

Episoden Host Stoy #5: Joyce
Episoden Host Stoy #5: JoyceBy Hyelin Lim, 2023-07-31 00:51

Would you like to know if there is anyone on Episoden who can help you when you experience problems? Would you like to know if there is anyone on Episoden who can keep you company and help you get confident in English? Yes, there is! Episoden hosts are those in the host room, who assist the users and keep them good company. Meet one of the hosts, Joyce! You are going to love her bright smile and be surprised by her calmness and big heart. 1. How would you describe yourself in three words and why? Smile - I'm known to have a contagious smile. My friends say that whenever they see me smile, they get a warm feeling. I'm like an extra pair of batteries when they're feeling down. Curious - I've always been a curious girl. I'd love to ask questions. Especially when it is about a topic I'm unfamiliar with. Petite - I may have a big and bright personality, but I am a petite lady in person. 2. How long have you hosted and what made you join the team? I started hosting Episoden in the mid of April of 2023. I came across Episoden a year ago. I joined the team because I like the idea of helping people improve their English through conversations. Whenever I go to Episoden, it doesn't feel like work. It feels just like catching up with old friends. 3. What is the best thing about Episoden compared to other platforms? The best thing about Episoden is its diverse users! I was surprised to see the community Episoden created for these people with different cultures and backgrounds. Episoden is a safe platform where we can all gather and talk about anything. Compared to other platforms, Episoden is free (that's the bonus part). 4. When was the most memorable moment when hosting? My most memorable moment on Episoden was when I joined as a host for the first time. I was really shy and nervous, and I kept making grammar mistakes. Now looking back and up until now, I have come a long way. A lot of users praised my improvement and delivery, which made me feel happy and loved. Not only as a host but also as a user, I gained friends through Episoden as well. Unexpected friendships are the best! 5. Who is the most memorable user and why? The most memorable users for me are those users from Japan and Myanmar. I usually meet a lot of users from those countries. Talking with them helps me learn more about their culture. I love their stories and insights. They're very lively and one of the best! 6. Tell us a random trivia about yourself. - As much as it's embarrassing to say, I can drive big cars and sports cars, but I don't know how to ride a bike. - I finished a side-major in music back in University. I major in Piano and Violin. - Aside from it being the most common and probably the easiest thing to do, I can't whistle, surprisingly.

Episoden Host Stoy #4: Thonette
Episoden Host Stoy #4: ThonetteBy Hyelin Lim, 2023-07-24 01:13

Would you like to know if there is anyone on Episoden who can help you when you experience problems? Would you like to know if there is anyone on Episoden who can keep you company and help you get confident in English? Yes, there is! Episoden hosts are those in the host room, who assist the users and keep them good company. Meet one of the hosts, Thonette from the Philippines! You are going to be surprised by her friendly personality, fluent English skills, and warm consideration. 1. How would you describe yourself in three words and why? Considerate, Independent, Adventurous 2. How long have you hosted and what made you join the team? I've been hosting on Episoden for about 1 year and 4 months already. I actually got to know about this website because of Trisha, and I first joined as a user and became a host after a few weeks of joining. At that time, Episoden was still in its version 1. What made me join here was the incomparable environment, friendly people, and convenience to practice English. I wanted to be a part of other people's journey in improving their skills. It's also fun to know different cultures and beliefs. Who would have thought that I would make international friends? but yeah, I have tons now. 3. What is the best thing about Episoden, compared to other platforms? The best thing about Episoden is the friendly people. I know a lot of websites like this, but Episoden is just different. I asked this question to some users before, they also said the same thing. Not to mention that it's FREE! 4. When was the most memorable moment when hosting? I have a lot of memorable moments in the host room but the most memorable one is my first time hosting. I remember at that time I was shy and nervous! I was afraid of talking to foreigners before. Now, I have overcome! 5. Who is the most memorable user and why? The most memorable user is Mike from Singapore. He was a user from version 1 and still is up until now in the latest version of Episoden. He's one of the users who saw my journey and improvement in the host room. I can say that every user is special to me, I treat them as my friend. 6. Tell us some random trivia about yourself. I don't have any food allergies. I can eat whatever I want. Join Episoden today and have a memorable conversation with Thonette!