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What is Episoden?

1 : 1conversation


per session

Episoden is a face-to-face English conversation service

where people from all around the world share their stories.

Thanks to 1-to-1 conversation settings,

there is always plenty of time for everyone to speak in English.

Partners are always from other countries with new topics, which

makes the 7-minute session enjoyable and never boring.


How do people enjoy Episoden?

English speaking club Merel
Merel Episoden HostNew
Philippines language exchangePhilippines

Game-Changer in my social life

My journey Episoden has been transformative. From nervous beginnings to a seasoned global conversationalist, the platform has unlocked doors for me. I made online friends different in age and nationality. I'm thrilled to witness the connections and growth that Episoden nurtures.

English speaking club Rin
Rin Yama College studentNew
Japan language exchangeJapan

Episoden will help millions of English learners

When I joined Episoden, no one blamed my bad English, and people had a positive attitude for conversations. Since it’s free and I needed to improve my English, I attended almost every day and a few months later, I became able to have daily conversations! I think that was all thanks to Episoden.

English Speaking Club Augustin
Agustin Product OwnerNew
Argentina language exchangeArgentin

Confidence booster

Episoden has been an incredible platform for practicing English. I've gained confidence, met amazing people, and learned about diverse cultures while improving my listening skills. Highly recommended

English Speaking Club Natalia
Natalia ArchitectNew
Russia language exchangeRussia

Simple way to broaden your horizons

English speaking, small talk, and studying some geography - what I can practice on Episoden. It’s a fun and simple way of learning English and very natural source for meeting new people. It’s the best way to find out what is going on in the world. It’s like travelling.

English Speaking Club Sarah
Sarah AuditorNew
Tanzania language exchangeTanzania

Safest learning environment

Episoden has always been the safest and most convenient online platform where I can improve my communication skills at my own pace. Hosts are super-friendly and always make new & existing users feel a sense of belongingness.

English Speaking Club Ayumi
Ayumi Marketing specialist
Japan language exchangeJapan

Safe place to meet new people

Episoden is a great and safe place to meet new people from all over the world. This is also a good way to practice my English speaking too! I've been really enjoying talking here!

Natasha speaking club
C Natasha Lifelong Leaner
Indonesia language exchangeIndonesia

Active community, positive experience

I was looking for English-speaking website for years and I'm glad I finally found Episoden. The community is very active and full of great people. I recommended Episoden to my friends, looking for English-speaking platform with great environment and positive experience.

Nadja speaking club
Nadja Philologist
Russia language exchangeRussia

Amazing platform

What a fantastic idea to create this amazing platform! The atmosphere is friendly and uplifting. The way you unite people from all around the world is great. Thanks a bunch!

Mauricio speaking club
Mauricio Mechanical designer
Brazil language exchangeBrazil

I am always thrilled to join Episoden

Everybody I encounter on Epsoden has the same feelings about this platform we are lucky to have this place. Every system design is featured to create this atmosphere. Best place ever to practice our conversation skills, meet interesting people from different cultural beliefs, and share kindness and respect.

Language club NC
NC University student
Myanmar English clubMyanmar

My Confidence Booster!

I used to be shy to speak in English but when I join Episoden, I talk a lot unlike my introverted personality & it's so much fun to listen to other people's stories as well!

Language club Bryan
Bryan Engineer
US English clubUSA

Everyone has been so nice!

I am happy to answer questions about the English language or pronunciations, questions about the US itself, or just chat about any topic. Also, I'd love to learn other cultures.

Language club Le Binh
Le Binh University student
Vietnam English clubVietnam

The best English-speaking website

I not only improved my Eng. speaking ability but also discovered more about other countries' cultures through wonderful conversations with friendly partners around the world.

Language club Claire
Claire University student
Korean English exchangeKorea

Let's be friends in Episoden!

I habitually log in to Episoden whenever I want to say funny or new expressions in English! I'm sure anyone can improve their English conversation skills in this program.

Oxana English
Oxana Project manager
Ukraine English exchangeUkraine

Making my outlook wider

Everyday I meet new people from different countries, I become familiar with their cultures and find out their life views. I recommend Episoden from the bottom of my heart.

Fabian English
Fabian University student
Mexico English exchangeMexico

My daily dose of English

Episoden offers me the opportunity to meet people from different corners of the world, get to know their perspectives, their culture, while practicing my English speaking skills.

Chuanyu English
Chuanyu Data analyst
China language exchangeChina

Pleasant and comfortable English conversation!

Being able to meet new faces and see old friends from all around the world! Aside from that, exchanging compliments and encouragements is a great way to start off the morning!

Mitsuki English
Mitsuki University student
Japan language exchangeJapan

Amazing Conversations!

Since I joined Episoden, I’ve chatted with many people who are from different countries! Also we talked about our interesting experiences based on the topic! It’s so fun!

Roni English
Roni Painter & designer
Portugal language exchangeBrazil

Definitely the best!

Since I started participating in Episoden, I felt huge improvement in my English. Definitely the best platform I found for having conversations in English!

Keumyi language exchange
Keumyi Project owner
Korean EnglishKorea

This is awesome!

I talked with a lot of people from many countries. We can meet and chat like we are in a bar. We talked about travel, and shared new travelling spots. It's like travelling!

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