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Why Episoden?

Even confident English speakers need time to use English to retain and improve their English communication skills. However, there is no place for people from non-English speaking countries to practice their English in daily life.

Episoden is a face-to-face English conversation service where people from all around the world share their stories. Thanks to 1-on-1 conversation settings on Episoden, there is always plenty of time for everyone to speak in English. Also, each session is 7 minutes long. Partners are always from another country with new topics, which makes this session enjoyable and never boring.

Even native English speakers can feel like invited to a whole new set of experiences with contents made with the latest communication techniques so that conversations with strangers feel like talking to an old friend.

More than that…

At first, Episoden was born as a service to improve English skills for everyone globally. Now, we are eager to realize something more than that. We, the Episoden team, believe in the power and value of communication.

Human beings recognize themselves by sharing their own stories and understand other individuals by listening theirs. Good communication generate Self-awarness and understanding others which ultimately leads to human progress.

It is also a mission of Episoden to make everyone a better person through deeper communication. We hope you to not only improve your English skills through Episoden, but also let you experience the true value of conversation in a new way.

Thank you for reading.

Want to be the part of us?

Episoden is looking for people around the world who can help us with our mission. However, as we are still a small startup company yet without profits, we are unfortunately seeking only volunteer resources except for IT developers.

If you resonate with Episoden's vision, please contact us. We'd be pleased if you offer a specific role, or if not, you can still simply email us and then we will reach out when there's an opportunity.

Thank you.

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